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Franchise Software License - Full Support

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Listernaut's Franchise version was built for the "Wantrepreneur". If you want to get into the e-commerce business, but do not know where to start of what to do, this is for you.  We will fully support you by setting up a Shopify account, Marketplace Connect account, and helping you set up all of your desired platforms, shipping channels, and a payment processor account. We will consult on how and where to buy products, where to list products, and how to sell everything for the highest margins possible.

Listernaut comes with integration to your Shopify website to host all of your products, scan-to-list technology to list products in seconds, and integration with Amazon, Walmart, eBay,, Auction Mobility, and HiBid sales channels. Clover POS Software integration is included to capture retail store data and transactions. Additionally, integration to Listernaut Inventory Management software is included to manage inventory and auto-degrade as you sell and avoid overselling your merchandise. Shipstation software integration is also included to help you manage your shipping needs.

A $5000 one time onboarding and training program required, plus any travel related expenses for on site training and strategy.

Unlimited listings, unlimited platforms, and unlimited users.

The Franchise software package comes complete with onboarding, training, and a helpful playbook on selling at high velocity.  We truly stand behind your success, and are here to make onboarding quick, easy, and an extension of your current business. Ongoing support is included to ensure you are running at full capacity. Strategy consultations are included, and Q&A help at every step of the way.

Cancellation of the subscription is possible at any time and will end the subscription at the end of the term. The subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled and all payments are non-refundable.