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How-To Use Listernaut for Shopify

Using Listernaut to create listings in one unique cloud-based platform is as easy as the 10 steps below. We have a PDF Available at the end of the page. We have video tutorials available here as well.

Step 1: Click Manage Pods

Step 2: Click +Add Pod

Step 3: Name Pod & Click Save Icon

Step 4: Click Eyeball Icon and Add Your Docking Station (Shopify)

Step 5: Click Receive Products

Step 6: Under Assign Cargo Field: Select your pod, your consignor (If applicable), your location (If applicable), and your item condition.

Step 7: Scan your item's UPC (If applicable)

Step 8: If no UPC exists Type in at least 6 characters for the SKU, then locate the item (It will alert to a failure to match UPC), then click the plus sign and add your details. Click save.

Step 9: For items without UPCs (Step 8) Open the item back up and add your photos. Continue adding new items in one of steps 7 or 8 above.

Step 10: Launching Items to Shopify. Click Manage Pods, select all items to export, then click Launch Selected Items.  The items will be uploaded to your Shopify account in seconds.

We recommend using a cross-posting tool such as Marketplace Connect within Shopify to list all of your items.

Listing to Shopify PDF Tutorial

Launching through Marketplace Connect PDF Tutorial